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How Bartering Saved My Business

One of the worst things you can do in any industry, be known for not paying people that work with and for you. No matter what level you are at in your career, business, entrepreneurial journey someone will have to be paid. From your electric bill, to a contractor, to your engineer; people expect to be paid. Not only do people expect to be paid, they should get paid. If someone does a job, and does it well they deserve to be paid for it. No one wants to give up their time, energy, and or skills in return for absolutely nothing. That's not how any healthy, fruitful, or long term business relationship works.

For those of you who have little to no expendable income or would rather use your income on other things this can become frustrating and frightening. It might lead you to thinking you can't accomplish your goal, but listen close.... money is not end al be all, especially for those pursuing a career in a creative industry.

I've seen people question where their money should go, if the publicist deserves it, the marketer, designer, RE Agent, or cell phone bill lol. The goal should never be to avoid paying people, but more so think creatively about how you pay people for their time and services.

In some cases, yes there is nothing you can do without having the proper funds, but more times than none there are options.

There are plenty of people who want or need a skill that you have, and that is where bartering comes into play.


To trade by exchange of commodities rather thanby the use of money.

For centuries people exchanged goods and services off a barter system; money was not always the easiest or best way to purchase or trade goods or services. If you know what people want then you can always negotiate a deal with them that favors both parties. The Better Business Bureau has even discussed how bartering can help small businesses grow.

For example, if you are graphic designer looking for someone to help you market your business or a lawyer to review some contracts you could easily trade your services for your needs. Everyone needs graphic design, whether it's in the form of a logo or website there are many professionals that will need this skill.

Learning how to help someones else, while in the process of helping yourself is essential in running a successful business. One thing you must remember when it comes to bartering is, it MUST be beneficial to everyone involved. Both parties but gain something, otherwise it becomes one person taking advantage of the other.

Next time you need something, but do not have the money to pay for it; think about every skill you have and who needs it, then BARTER!

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