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You Just Got Fired or Quit... Now What?

You've just been fired! What's next? Well first things first, you are not alone so don't feel like you're the first person who has been terminated. Being terminated from a position that you have held for a short or long term period is a change for anyone regardless of whether they loved their job or couldn't wait to find another.

Speaking from he perspective of someone who has been fired and has also done some firing, it's not an easy thing for anyone and can really shake up your immediate plans.

When you et that call or leave that meeting with the hire ups and hear the words " we will no longer need your services" there are a few things that instantly cross your mind.


Maintaining at least 3-6 months worth of savings, for a rainy day saves lives. For example, if you are suddenly terminated, get sick, or even have a family emergency, having that money saved allows you the time and space to deal with whatever is going on, instead of having to worry about how your rent or cell phone bill will be paid on top or dealing with the stress of the emergency. Life happens, things can and will change at the drop of a dime. It is extremely important to be prepared for it all. Living paycheck to paycheck is just not the way any of us want to live. Not only does it cause continuous stress, but it can ruin your credit, and delay you from achieving certain milestones.

Having 3-6 months worth of savings equal to 3-6 months worth of your expenses is so important because being able to relax knowing you can at least pay your bills for 3 months while you look for a new job or figure out what your next move will be extremely helpful and elevate some of the immediate worry that comes form getting fired or quitting.

If you are like most people, you do not save or simply do not know who to save. The easiest way to save is to have your employer or bank automatically take 1/3 of every paycheck and put it in a savings accounts that goes untouched. This saving account should not have a debit card attached, it should be your rainy day fund.


Pay Yourself



Updated Resume/Portfolio

If you've recently been terminated or decided you've had enough at your current position and you're now back on the job market, it's important to update your resume. You need to identify the valuable skills acquired during your employment, that will make you an attractive prospective employee or clients if you are taking the self employed route. Even the most arbitrary of skills can be very useful depending on what the purpose and importance. If you worked in food service industry you have acquired customer rapport & customer service skills that are important in almost every field. Dissect all the various aspects of what you did day to day and derive the importance from them to sell yourself. Cleaning floors requires attention to detail, being punctual means you are dependable and reliable, and being able to even maintain a positive attitude on a regular basis is an important so don't sell yourself short.

Wording is very important, you want to use words that are proactive and that highlight your skills, even if it may seem as if you are over exaggerating.

A few key words to keep in mind when updating your resume :

  • Controlled

  • Coordinated

  • Executed

  • Headed

  • Operated

  • Orchestrated

  • Organized

  • Oversaw

  • Planned

  • Produced

  • Programmed

  • Administered

  • Built

  • Charted

  • Created

  • Designed

  • Developed

  • Devised

  • Founded

Kudos folder

This is one tip that was passed down to us from someone else and I LOVE it! Keep a record of times when you were complimented or congratulated for an accomplishment is important, especially if you work in an office. It's lovely to have a well formatted resume and even better to have a glowing recommendation, but it's also even more of a bargaining chip to have proof of your fellow employees and customers showing their appreciation for the value you brought to their lives with the work you did.

Plan A, B & C

Once you run the risk of working for someone else you run the risk of always having your job in limbo. No job is for guaranteed, life can always happen. It will motivate you to continue to do your job to the best of your ability, it keeps you on your toes. Remember that many things are here today & gone tomorrow so having a back up plan is important. People change, companies change, budgets change. Change is the only constant. Ask yourself what you would do if you "lost it all"... now create a plan that assists in helping you bounce back. That way you can do things to facilitate that throughout your employment whether that means educating yourself or learning a new skill or networking.

If you are like some of our readers, you need extra insurance, So one plan is good, but nothing is stopping you from creating more than one. If the first falls through, it's nice to have another cushion.

Have a back up plan, or better yet an escape plan. Never have your future be completely dependent on one person or one employer.


This may go without saying, but even when quitting or when you get that pink slip understand that your reputation can and will follow you. What does this mean? it means you can't go storming gout, calling everyone a bunch of names, leaving projects undone because it is a reflection of you and the quality of work you do. Professionalism goes a long way and it's always of good measure to remain poised and professional because it is a representation of your character. While employed it's important to remain professional for the sake of smooth business dealings even when it's hard and especially when you're terminated. Your reputation will always precede you and follow you, so put your best foot forward.

It'll facilitate you securing a new job if you have a reputation and a glowing recommendation.

No one wants to hire a potential liability.

Some things last forever, but unfortunately jobs/careers aren't one of them. The average american will change careers 7 times, so imagine how many times you will change jobs or companies.

Plan ahead

Forward is the motion

Need help decking what's next? Have a business you want to get off the ground, send us an email and we can assist you on your transition.

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