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You Have 5 mins To Make An Impression

For many of us networking events, and industry mixers are a regular part of our week. Whether it is happy hour after work or a panel with top industry leaders during the weekend. You are constantly communicating with new people, and if you aren’t you should be. If you are like us and/or many of our clients you are always looking to make new connections; find out who needs a service you are able to provide, who knows someone that can take your business to the next level or who has information that you need to hear. Due to the fact that you never know who you may run into, it is sound advice to always have an elevator pitch ready!

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech that you can use to spark interest in what you or your business represents and hopes to accomplish. It’s sort of like your audio resume that can be recited in under 3-5 mins.

Who needs one?

Some people think elevator pitches are only for those working in sales, but the reality is if you are a business owner or an individual trying to advance their career you are a sales person. Regardless if you are a teacher, musician, doctor, brand director at a lifestyle company. You need an elevator speech.

We are all constantly selling ourselves, even if it’s not for monetary gain it might be for a new job, a valuable industry connection, or an investor. An effective elevator pitch is used to create interest in your project, idea, or product.

We are all busy, so if you do come across that investor, record label, or industry expert know that they do not have all day to listen to you talk about yourself or your company. Their time is valuable and so is yours.

Not everyone has 15, 30, 60 mins to have a conversation with you, some only have the 5 min walk from their office to their car or the 10 mins in between phone calls, or 1 min while riding in an actual elevator.

What you can convey about yourself and your business in under 5 mins needs to be impactful enough to force conversation or follow up questions.

A great elevator speech should be concise, but also convey imperative information

Sounds like a lot huh?

Below are few pointers to help push you in right direction:

  • Introduce who you are

  • Identify your goal, problem and or solution

  • Explain what you do

  • Communicate your value as well as your need

  • End with a question which helps facilitate engagement from whomever you are speaking with

Remember to customize each speech for who you are speaking too. Everyone should not get the same exact elevator speech. Do not forget to be yourself, and add some personality. Do not recite your elevator speech as if you are reading from a stack of papers, because this can make the conversation stiff and uncomfortable for all parties.

Last thing, make sure to PRACTICE. Practice your elevator speech as many times as it takes you to memorize it, and make it seem effortless. This way you are able to personalize it more each time. The more comfortable you are pitching yourself the more comfortable others will be engaging with you.

Would you like help drafting your elevator pitch? Contact us now, we are waiting !

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