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Being Told No Is Good For Your Ego & Business

We are at a the point in time where everyone and everything is accessible. You are a tweet away from meeting or speaking to an idol, investor, business person that can change your life. Literally one tweet, one opportunity, one post, one conversation can turn your world upside down for the better. Unfortunately, because of this a lot us forget that the work still needs to get done. Nothing will be handed to us, we must still do the ground work so that when these opportunities come along we are prepared. On this journey to your big break, you will hit more than a few road blocks in the form of the word “No”. People can and will tell you NO every day, and it’s up to you to not allow that to stop you from pursuing your dreams and executing your vision.

A “No” today is not a No forever.

Sometimes we need to hear “No”, we need to be stopped in our tracks and questioned. We may not want to hear it but at times hear “No” is a blessing in disguise. Here are a few reasons why.

Builds Character

Every time you hear a no, it will also be a shot at your ego and self-esteem. It will not be easy, but it makes you stronger, smarter, and help build valuable real world expereince. Some of us are just learning that the business world is meant to chew you up and spit you right back out. It is not your friend and the sooner you realize that the easier it will be for you to adjust and figure your next move. Hearing no can either stop you right in your tracks or be the extra push you need to keep going. It is amazing what hearing the words “NO” can do to a person when it is something they care about and really want. It can either start a cycle of depression, or it can make you switch gears and create a new plan. At first you may take it personal because you are an artist or creative person and of course you are sensitive about your work. That is when you have to breathe, take a step back, really look at the full picture and realize they told you No today, not forever. They told you NO because something about your project, product, and or service did not resonate with them, and maybe it was not meant to. You have to know how to walk away from situations, and conversations without taking constructive criticism so personal. Keep your head high, and remember everything is not for everyone.

Work Through flaws

Sometimes a “No” is a blessing in disguise. Hearing “No “forces you to go back to the drawing board and figure out WHY they said no. It could be something you did or did not say or do. It makes you think through every step again, go over every detail, rebuild stronger and better. Sometimes it is not about working harder, but working smarter. Imagine being told “No” by 9 different investors or 9 different labels. Either something you are doing is wrong or they are not meant to be part of your project. Being told “No” forces you to really think about who exactly you want to hear YES from, it makes the investment, time, money, effort that you put in that much more valuable. God willing by the time you do finally hear that “Yes” you are in a position to actually negotiate and speak intelligently about your project, product, or service. You are able to answer any and every question anyone can through at you because you’ve had them thrown at you before. Being told “No” does not mean the journey is done and over with, instead it just means taking a turn and being prepared for whatever is around the corner.

Law Of Averages

There is a “law of averages” in marketing and sales that basically states, the more “No’s” you get, the closer you are to a yes. If you hear 50 No’s you are closer to your YES than you were at your first No. This might not make sense or even make you feel better but it’s not meant to make you feel better. It’s meant to help change your thinking. You cannot focus on the No’s You have to have tunnel vision and know that your YES is coming soon, know that your opportunity/breakthrough/job is coming. You cannot allow the No’s to cloud your judgment. All they should do help you refine your vision, fix the kinks, and motivate you to do better.

In order doe the law of averages to work in your favor you have to get out there and see and speak to more people. Try more! The more you try the better you will become. Continue to work on your craft.

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