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Why A Marketing Roll-Out Is Important

I’ve seen so many people, clients, peers, friends etc… drop a project or announce the launch of something without creating a proper roll out and I always ask… why? Why miss an opportunity to properly market your product, event, or yourself.. Now a roll out does not need to be year long, or even 6 months and there is not a specific number of content pieces/assets required. It all just has to make sense. Roll-out’s aren’t just important from a creative stand point but also business. When you take the time to create a roll out you are also taking the time to think very clearly about the product/project. You are taking the time to understand every detail, from who your audience is to how they receive information/content best!

Below are just a few reasons why a roll-out is not only important but effective!

To find out in detail how you can benefit from a proper roll-out shoot us an email at !

Build Anticipation

Get the people talking.! Building a roll out helps build anticipation, it gets people’s eyes, ears, hearts, and wallets open and paying attention. You want people tuned in; you want people begging for you to release. Building a roll-outs is a good way to create hype and build momentum. Remember when your favorite rapper, clothing designer, event curator, or tech/app developer announced they would be releasing something new in the near future? Remember all the new info, pictures, samples that came out prior to the release? Do you remember listening to experts who got the first listen/look/experience before the general public, and all you could do was sit there and dive into anything you were given waiting to experience it yourself? That is anticipation.

Give Target Audience A Sample

Everyone loves free. If your final product/ service/ event is going to cost people money, giving them something that is FREE a head of time will make them more likely to spend with you later on. Not everyone has the money to give someone else on a weekly or even monthly basis so make sure when you do finally ask for funds from someone, you have done everything in your power to help them feel more comfortable spending their hard earned money with you.

In terms of music, sooner or later you will want to get paid for your music, and because there are so many musicians constantly producing music, giving out a free project or single is a great way to help build your fan base and get organic feedback.


There is entirely way too much content being produced by too many people. Although, this is not a bad thing, it does make it more difficult for you to grab the attention of consumers. We are human, when there is too much info being thrown at us, it is only natural that we will forget something. It may not be intentional but there is no way to remember everyone’s birthday, event, and release date, on top of everything you have going on in your own personal and professional life. This is where a roll out helps. When people see some type of content coming from you on a consistent (consistent does not mean everyday) they are more likely to remember you have something on the horizon. When a certain date is on your screen, timeline, ear, face multiple times you are more inclined to look forward to the date or at least have it in mind. Keep in mind this only works if the content is impactful and also being shown to the your target audience.

Gage the reception

From the first piece of content to the last you are able to use the level of engagement to gage what the initial reception to your product, service, or event. Not only will you be able to gage how interested people are you will also be able to see how interested they are not, which helps determine how much work you have ahead of yourself as far as marketing. Although it is not a exact indication of how well something will do, it does give you an idea of how many people even care about what you are doing. If your post gets 100+ or even 5,000+ likes, retweet/comment/questions depending on your audience it might be safe to say you have a decent group of people at least paying attention to what you are doing. No, all these people will not buy the product or attend the event but at least these are soft leads that you can continue to pitch, give content to, or at the very least strike up conversation with!

These are just a few reasons why a roll-out is important!

One more tip! You can not have the same roll-out for each product or service. Get innovative, think outside the box! If you would like assistance on your next roll-out, whether it be for an album, mixtape, product launch, website launch, service, event please visit or send us an email at

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