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Akin Consults is a multi-service consulting company that offers custom marketing strategy, project management, and personal coaching for Artists, Brands, and small busisiness of various sizes.


With the implementation of client specific marketing strategies Akin Consults is able to effectively and efficiently create campaigns and rollouts that are not only specific to your product/service but also audience and market. We do this by fully focusing on target based, engagement, content and digital campaigns. One size does not fit all. Every company has a very specific audience that they speak to and it is our job to not only identify your  audience but deliver your message in a manner that it can be properly received. What good is a service or product, if it is not visible to people that it is intended for.

We approach our clients and their projects from not just a professional standpoint, but also personal. Many say business is not personal, but we disagree. Great business is always somewhat personal, and has the ability to connect on a multi-dimensional level. This is why Akin Consults offers everything from personal coaching to business consultation. The over all success of your business and the well being of the person(s) behind it go hand in hand. 

Whether it is in the form of strategic messaging, activations, content creation or client services we make sure our clients are able to not only gain the attention of their intended audience, but also retain it. Acquisition is only half the battle.

Create an Impact

Allow us to not only create but also control the narrative behind your work. Everything from your online presence, curated events, releases and or product launches are vital pieces to the success of your overall business. How your work is presented and perceived is a reflection of the person(s) behind it. Let us help build the foundation or continue to add building blocks. From inception to execution, we are on the journey with you, providing tangible results while maintaining the integrity of your business.

We do the research for you. From knowing what markets are important to creating budget suggestions for campaigns.

We connect dots, and people to strategically create and maintain influence & brand loyalty.

You can't force people to believe, find those that already do, and make them turn others into believers for you.

Ann Akinnuoye


"Great Business Is Always Personal"

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